City Council Passes Historic Measure

We congratulate the Chelsea City Council on its unanimous vote to enact a Wage Theft Ordinance,, becoming the first council in the state to pass this important legislation.

The ordinance will deal directly with the issue of wage theft and incidents of employers not paying minimum wage, not paying overtime, and withholding pay from employees.

As Chelsea labor leader Tony Hernandez said at Monday’s Council meeting, business in Chelsea must be about doing business right, and the Council’s action shows that it understands how vital the new Wage Theft Ordinance is to the city and its large immigrant population.

We agree with Chelsea Collaborative executive director Gladys Vega when she says that the passage of the ordinance was “a major victory for Chelsea.”

The City Council has set the precedent for other communities to follow and the councillors deserve commendation for their decisive vote that will help residents across the entire city.

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