A Slam Dunk! Recycling for a Rebound


The Berkowitz School has been on a tear recently in responding to the Boston Celtics’ Recycling Education Initiative, sponsored by Chelsea’s JN Phillips Auto Glass. The school was selected and held a tip-off assembly on Jan 11, with the recycling contest running through Jan. 25. So far, students and their parents have responded in a big – and we mean really big – way. School officials reported
that more than 18,000 recyclable bottles had been brought in by students as of Tuesday. The winning school will receive tickets to a game, a visit by a Celtics player and Lucky the Leprechaun and a pep rally by the Celtics. The other two parts of the contest, reducing and reusing, will take place in February and March. Here, Berkowitz third graders Christopher Fuentes and Basma Yassine toss two more bags of recyclables on the growing pile of the record-setting recycling effort.

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