Paint and Grammar Update


The Chelsea Soldier’s Home water tower – an iconic symbol for Chelsea and seen by thousands along Rt. 1 – received a paint job on the upper portions of the tower last week. The red-and-white tower had been vandalized some time earlier this year, with vandals climbing trees and scaling fences to get at an entrance to the tower. Graffiti on the tower was a thorn in the side of Supt. Cheryl Poppe, and last week she announced that not only was the graffiti gone, but the tower was getting a spruce up. In addition, an apostrophe will be added to the wording of the ‘Soldier’s Home,’ which for decades has apparently been grammatically incorrect. “The tower is an iconic symbol for Chelsea, but it is a real icon for our Home up here on the hill,” said Poppe. “Many people see it every day and we are glad we were able to refresh it. I know it will reflect well on us and on the City.”

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