Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

 Although for some it may have faded from memory, in 2014, we lost a Chelsea resident to dangerous work when Debra Sarno was killed while working as a taxi driver. Unsafe jobs claims far too many working people every year and is a heartbreaking reminder that Chelsea workers and countless others around the state desperately need further workplace protections to ensure their health and wellbeing.


Too many people think dangerous jobs are a thing of the past, especially since so many of us now work desk jobs. However, last year, more than 490 workers in Massachusetts died of occupational injuries and illness—sad proof that fatal jobs are still with us today.


That is why on the 28th, we in Chelsea will join millions around the world on Workers Memorial Day in remembering workers who were killed on the job last year. We will also use this solemn day to renew our efforts to protect workers so that no more families know the pain of losing a loved one who was simply trying to do their job. 

Thank you,

Fran Roznowski

11 Cottage St., Chelsea

[email protected]


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