Perlatonda Says He Will Vote for Robinson for President

Councillor Joe Perlatonda returned from vacation this week and said he would be voting for Councillor Leo Robinson to be the next Council President on Jan. 5.

“I think Matt Frank was a terrible president and I think Clifford Cunningham would be terrible as well,” he said. “I don’t think people want him as Council President…I think we need someone seasoned and someone that’s been around awhile. Maybe some people don’t like Leo. I think Leo knows the rules and regulations and he grew up in Chelsea. He knows everybody. I feel more confident with him than Cunningham or Frank or any of the others.”

Perlatonda was seen as a key vote in the supposed 5-5 stalemate that took place last Monday, Dec. 15. During that stalemate, some councillors brought about a quorum block to prevent the meeting from taking place and from a leadership vote/discussion from taking place. Perlatonda was seen as the key vote to break the stalemate, and he was still on vacation last Monday.

Perlatonda also said he took exception to comments made that questioned his devotion to his seat due to his vacation. The vacation was planned long before he knew that City Manager Jay Ash was leaving, he said.

“I come back from my vacation and I’m reading all of these things about me taking a vacation,” he said. “Typically nothing really happens in November or December and it just so happens that something happened this time. I go on vacation at the same time every year. Instead of talking about what Councillor Perlatonda is doing on vacation, they need to worry about their own district. I might have been on vacation, but I was checking my e-mail and my messages. I can reply back to people and I did. I was checking everything because I do care about the citizens and the City.”

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