A Sole Endeavor: Brisson Launches Reflexology Practice in Chelsea

Shannon Brisson in her Reflexology studio.

Shannon Brisson in her Reflexology studio.

Shannon Brisson is standing tall as the only certified reflexologist in the city.

Last June Brisson became the owner and practitioner of Sole Endeavor Reflexology, a private practice with focus on the feet located at a cozy space inside Admiral’s Hill Office Suites, 285 Commandant’s Way.

Brisson defines Reflexology as “a gentle, relaxing bodywork modality which is appropriate for all populations, regardless of age or where one may fall on the wellness spectrum.”

“It is based upon the premise that the entire body is reflected on the feet, hands and ears and that there are specific areas that correspond to glands, organs and body systems,” said Brisson. “And it is through the application of very specific thumb and finger techniques that induces a state of deep relaxation with acute awareness- much like twilight sleep or meditation.”

Brisson brings an impressive resume to her practice.  As a Certified Reflexologist, she completed 320 hours of study in Reflexology with additional specialized training to work with clients diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress and cancer. She originally trained as a massage therapist through which she completed an in-depth study of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology.

She is a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and the Massachusetts Association of Reflexology (MAR).

There is considerable documentation about the toll that stress takes on people. Brisson said that Reflexology, along with other modalities such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, have been documented to assist in lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

Brisson and her husband, Dan, have lived in Chelsea for a dozen years. They have two children, Ginger, 7, and Desmond, 5.

“Chelsea was my first choice for a practice location,” said Brisson. “I’m delighted to be in the Admiral’s Hill Office Suites. They have been so accommodating and welcoming.”

Brisson hopes that her practice will be one of many mind-body practices in Chelsea and that she can be a part of building a wellness community.

“Many Chelsea residents are going in to Boston and other communities to get services that Chelsea could create here,” said Brisson.

In addition to her private practice, Brisson is partnering with practitioners in other modalities to provide regular pop-up holistic clinics featuring services such as community acupuncture, yoga, and Reiki. These donation-based clinics are designed to introduce these modalities to the public while also bringing awareness and support to organizations such as There and Back Again, Lucy’s Love Bus, Crossroads Family Shelter, and Zumix.

Brisson said the initial response to her practice has been gratifying.

“It’s been a wonderful launch,” said Brisson. “I have had a great response from Chelsea and Admiral’s Hill residents and I’m very encouraged by the reception since I began my practice.”

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