Thank You, Herbie and the Chs Grand Reunion Committee

They began their challenging task months ago of trying to contact former Chelsea students for another Chelsea Grand Reunion.

The hope was this event would attract a good crowd of maybe 300-500 people.

But those who made that forecast don’t know Herbie Kupersmith, who among his many talents has come to be an event planner extraordinaire.

We’ve seen him work his magic before for the Walnut Street Synagogue and the old Chelsea Y.M.H.A.

With the help of a hard-working committee that dedicatedly planned the event, attended meetings, made countless phone calls and sent emails, Herbie says that more than 800 Chelsea people will gather at the high school on Saturday for another trip down memory lane.

It will no doubt be a first-class, successful affair because that’s how Herbie has done things his whole life.

Almost all of the people attending Saturday’s event have left the city, but their memories of Chelsea of the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s are warm and special.

On Saturday night after months of diligent efforts from chairman Herbie Kupersmith and a committee of Chelsea people who love this city and will always hold it dear to their hearts, more than 800 people will be able to turn back the clock for at least a few hours and remember a golden time in their lives in the city they called home.

On behalf of all the guests who will be attending this gala celebration: Thank you, Herbie, and the Chelsea Grand Reunion Committee for a job well done.

May Saturday night be as great a night that you hoped – and knew – it would be.

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