Back Pay Adds Up Big After Lengthy Contract Dispute

Resolving several outstanding union contracts was a relief for a good many in City government after several years of give and take, but one piece of that resolution wasn’t too refreshing for taxpayers.

As part of the union contracts, retroactive pay – or pay increases for the years that have already passed since the last contract – is due in one lump sum. In addition to the union members, non-union exempt City employees also get the same salary adjustments that the unions get.

Together, the two retroactive measures add up to more than half a million dollars – $501,989 to be exact.

On Monday, councillors were presented with the retroactive pay requests and approved them.

Four of the collective bargaining (union) units were addressed:

•$18,114 – Library

•$78,204 DPW Workers

•$74,002 EMS Dispatch

•$210,073 City Hall Clerical/Maintenance/Inspectors

In addition to the unions that were owed back pay, several non-union City Hall workers were also able to piggy back on the settled contracts and get back pay similar to what was given in the union contracts. Those departments or employees were:

•$8,463 EMS

•$11,398 DPW Administration

•$5,722 Legislative Bodies

•$14,201 City Manager

•$9,017 City Auditor

•$9,173 Planning and Development

•$19,321 Law Department

•$15,204 Personnel Department

•$9,309 City Treasurer

•$11,008 ISD Administration

•$8,780 MIS Administration

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