A Really Valuable Community Resource

The local art scene has really come to life in recent years.  Longtime residents can remember that the only local live theater one could get was either a school play or watching at that time the old Board of Aldermen in action on cable television.

Today that has changed.  We actually have a legitimate performing arts district in Chelsea.  The two standouts in this field are the  gallery on Pearl Street where local photography and artwork is shown and the Apollinaire Theatre in Chelsea Square.

Just recently a photography exhibit from Cuba was held at the Pearl Street Gallery and in April, the Apollinaire Theatre Company will be performing two plays.  On April 5 “Luther” will be presented and on April 13 ‘pool (no water)’ will begin its run.

In this day and age, we hear the expression of supporting the arts.  Many people outside of Chelsea come to see these performances and have had positive experiences.  To our local residents, if you have not seen been to the Apollonaire please go down.  This local resource that has done much to project a positive image of Chelsea needs your support.

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