Woods Will Present Performance On Sojourner Truth Tonight at CPL

Kathryn Woods

Kathryn Woods

Noted actress Kathryn Woods will present a special historical performance tonight at 6 at the Chelsea Public Library.

Woods will be performing a show, “A Woman Ain’t I? that focuses on the life of Sojourner Truth, who was born a slave in upstate New York. Truth delivered her most famous speech, “Ain’t I A Woman” at the 1851 Ohio Women’s Rights Convention.

“Sojourner Truth was an Evangelist for the Lord, an abolitionist and suffragist,” said Woods, a Chelsea resident for 11 years who has performed in 43 states.

The Latimer Society, led by Ronald and Leo Robinson, is sponsoring the performance that is free.

Chelsea residents will be inspired by the story of Sojourner Truth and be entertained by the riveting, high-energy presentation by the multi-talented Woods.

Woods has performed in international theater festivals and worked at Wheelock Family Theater, Theater Works, and other notable venues in Boston.

Woods is hoping that residents of all ages will come to the CPL to learn about Truth, an outstanding women’s rights activist.

“I hope that it’s an intergenerational audience and I can get people interested in her and maybe want to read books and explore more about her,” said Woods.

Woods said there are many books written about Sojourner Truth and magazines and journals have been named in her honor.

“You’ll find Web sites devoted to her,” said Woods. “I have a subscription to a magazine called ‘Sojurner.’ Her name is usually associated with issues of social justice.”

Woods will conclude tonight’s presentation with a question-and-answer period. The segment has produced some eye-opening questions.

“A little boy asked me after a performance at Rivier College in New Hampshire, ‘Why was there slavery?’ “He was so little, he did not understand why there would be.”

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