Low Turnout : Primary Vote Less Than 10 Percent; Democratic Ballots Top All Others

Not many registered voters in Chelsea cast a ballot last Thursday.

A total of 1,311 voters cast ballots here in a primary that was more like a shadow than anything else.

Democratic ballots cast totaled 1,155 while Republicans cast 155 ballots.

Congressman Mike Capuano was the largest vote-getter. Eight-hundred and eighty-four  Chelsea voters gave him a vote.

State Senator Sal DiDomenico received 850 votes. US Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren got 846 votes.

Large numbers of votes went to Representative Gene O’Flaherty and to Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein as well.

None of the above had primary opponents.

In the political races that were contested, Patty Campatelli beat out Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina for the Register of Probate position.

It was Campatelli 488 LaMattina 386.

Campatelli beat out LaMattina for the post county-wide by 500 votes in a stunning victory.

Criminal Clerk of the Superior Court Maura Hennigan carried Chelsea by 111 votes over former assistant clerk of the Superior Court Robert Dello Russo.

The Chelsea vote was Hennigan 534 to Dello Russo 423.

Hennigan won overall by a wide margin and will retain her post.

One hundred and fifty Chelsea Republicans cast a vote for Senator Scott Brown.

1 comment for “Low Turnout : Primary Vote Less Than 10 Percent; Democratic Ballots Top All Others

  1. September 23, 2012 at 2:10 am

    We have to Teach the residents how inportant it is to get out and Vote in Primary elections. Most people wait til november not realizing how Important the Primaries effect the Candidates.The residents should be taught especially a Diverse city like Chelsea where most people come from third world countries and were never able to vote ! we must remind them them that they came to America , Land of the Free, To better themselves , that it is their Civil duties , their Right as a Citizen to Vote ! The way i see it is if they don’t care about Politics why come to America in the first Place! Enjoy your Freedom of speech, your Rights to Change Things ! That is what Makes this Great Country a Wonderful place to live! Ms. Jozy Spinelli A 61 year resident of Chelsea, ma Who recently moved to cape cod!

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