Welcome FBI

The FBI regional office will be built in Chelsea, as expected.

A lawsuit questioning the Chelsea development has been dismissed. The sour grapes of another developer who wanted the project were not enough to derail it from coming here.

The net result is a massive development of the first order and the addition of another 500 jobs in Chelsea at a minimum.

The taxes to be paid will be enormous each year – in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hundreds of construction workers and tradesmen will be put to work and millions upon millions of dollars of goods and services will be purchased during the construction period.

As much as $100 million will be spent, it is estimated.

The payroll paid to the employees of the FBI regional headquarters will be in the many millions of dollars and some of that money will be spent in the city everyday.

Bottom line, this is a fabulous development which can only add favorably to the recent success of the city’s ambitious efforts to remake itself.

Again, the city has shown its ability to lure major tenants – and it doesn’t get more major than a regional headquarters for the FBI.

There were days when politicians in this city shuddered at the thought of the FBI coming here.

Not anymore.

Chelsea welcomes the FBI.

The city has nothing to hide.

The FBI will be pleased with its choice.

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