The Chelsea Marriott Residence Inn Opens

The fact that a Marriott Hotel has opened here on land that couldn’t be given away 20 years ago – and is standing next to the Wyndham Hotel – is an achievement of the first order.

First, it is a great investment for the savvy business group that built and runs the hotel.

Second, the new hotel is a moneymaker for the city and will provide an enormous new stream of tax revenues from a tax on the room rentals.

Third, dozens of new employees now have jobs at decent wages while the hotel itself will contribute greatly to an enormous boost in the local economy because of all the goods and services bought and contracted for.

Why did Marriott want to come here?

Location. Location. Location.

If this Marriott were any closer to Logan Airport it would be sitting on a runway there.

But location wasn’t everything in this instance.

Getting this Marriott built and finally open was a ten-year job that City Manager Jay Ash pushed and clawed for.

He began this long journey with all parties saying no consistently.

Only through his perseverance and because of his good business sense did this hotel finally take shape and form in what used to be a lost end of the city.

Where this hotel stands today is the hub of an incredible success story that has not yet run its full course.

We welcome the new Chelsea Marriott Residence on Maple Street.

We wish the hotel great success in the knowledge that this investment will have solid returns for everyone involved during the years to come.

Chelsea continues to amaze with successes like the Marriott.

A tip of the cap to Marriott and to City Manager Ash.

Nicely done development. Very nicely done.

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