Snorkeling Club

August 2, 2012

Congratulations to the Jordan Boys and Girls Club members who participated in the Snorkeling program, as they completed their trip to Hathaways Pond in Cape Cod. What a great experience for this group to get out into our local waters and see the life under the sea! Here is an excerpt from a journal entry from one of the participants:
June 23, 2012 from Eddie D. 11 years old. “It was amazing! 3 types of fish. I still need to learn a surface dive. I will always come with Trav, but I am still a little scared going into the ocean. I need a new mask and a new snorkel! I think it gona be lots of fun going on another trip and next time I am gona do a surface dive. It was cool looking at the fish; they were blue, black, yellow, and brown, small and big. I used a waterproof film camera and took pictures of fish and I saw a bluegill and a bass and an eel! We found golf balls and my snorkel kept on leaking. I saw lots of fish nest. The water was cold and the wetsuit was heavy!” Thank you, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, for sponsoring this program in 2012.