Another Park

News that Chelsea will be adding yet another park to its small collection of green public places is extraordinary news.

During the past ten years, City Manager Jay Ash, Representative Gene O’Flaherty and a succession of city councils have all worked together to add a great number of parks in this open space starved little city. The number is nine in all – and this is saying something in a city like Chelsea.

City Councilor Cliff Cunningham has also been instrumental in advocating and working for this new park to be located near to Cary Square on a 7200 square foot footprint where the Tudor Garage stood for about 100 years.

This coming together of leaders doing their work by consortium for the better good of a small neighborhood is what good government is all about.

In this instance, the new park will be a fitting cap to a rapidly changing neighborhood.

The 22 units of new housing going up over the former taxi cab building makes a new bit of open space in that area all the more important.

What might be interesting and even visionary for the neighborhood would be if Ash and Cunningham could persuade the Temple Emmanuel president and directors to open up the grassy space now fenced in at the corner of Cary Avenue and Gardner Street.

Perhaps the city could dream up some kind of quid pro quo situation as this open grassy space appears larger even than the new park going on to the footprint of the former Tudor Garage.

There is, of course, a Jewish War Memorial on the site and this would have to be moved to an appropriate public place – at least where it could be seen and viewed up close by the public, in order to properly memorialize all those who served and those who died during the Second World War.

There is much potential in the greening of Cary Square.

1 comment for “Another Park

  1. Pasta Rice
    July 17, 2012 at 4:58 am

    Such a wonderful news for Cary Square residents and city of Chelsea in general. We’re
    hoping that the park’s final outcome will be designed and built per surrounding
    residents’ input and suggestions! On the other hand, it’s questionable whether
    City Councilor Cliff Cunningham “has been instrumental in advocating and
    working for this new park…”. We never seen him attended any of the crucial
    public meetings regarding the park. Nonetheless, so grateful for all of the
    residents who came to the meetings and gave wonderful ideas/feedback/suggestions,
    especially those who supported the Chelsea SENIOR residents!

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