Grand Jury Stepping Up McLaughlin Matter

Media reports this week indicate that after many months of virtual silence in the investigation into former Chelsea Housing Authority (CHA) Director Michael McLaughlin, a Grand Jury has begun stepping up its inquiry into the matter.

Though a Grand Jury proceeding is secret, many sources have told media members about an uptick in activities.

The Boston Globe reported on Tuesday that Lt. Gov. Tim Murray will go before state and federal investigators and answer questions about matters involving his close relationship to McLaughlin and several fund-raisers that McLaughlin coordinated for Murray.

The Globe reported that Murray has hired former U.S. Attorney Donald Stern – now in private practice – to represent him in the matter.

The Globe also reported that several CHA employees recently appeared before the Grand Jury and were grilled about similar matters, as well as vacations taken by McLaughlin with former staff members.

A number of other people from around the city are also expected to be called soon, and next week, the Globe reported, a well-heeled political consultant, Michael Goldman, is expected to testify.

The Grand Jury is being run jointly by U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and State Attorney General Martha Coakley.

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