A Proud Return: U.S. Navy Corpsman Daniel Libby Receives Medal for His Heroic Action in Afghanistan

U.S. Navy Corpsman Daniel Libby (center), his parents, John and Leona, sister Madison, and brother Nick, are shown at a party Saturday in his honor.

Daniel Libby was the guest of honor at a gathering at the family home on Harvard Street Saturday afternoon.

Libby, a former hockey standout at Northeast Regional where he graduated in 2009, had returned from a seven-month stint in Afghanistan as U.S. Navy corpsman (medic) serving with the U.S. Marine Corps in the field.

Libby distinguished himself in service. He received a medal of valor for his action in the field.

“We’re very proud of him,” said John Libby, Daniel’s father. “We’re happy that he’s home. It’s hard to put into words to see your son go to war and come home from war. We’re just all very pleased that he’s home and he’s healthy.”

Libby said his son, a humble young man, didn’t tell the family right away that he had received a Navy and Marine Corps Medal Commendation Medal for Valor. As a result of his heroic action, Daniel wears a medal and ribbon with a ‘V’ [for valor] on his uniform.

“Daniel saved a young marine’s life when they were engaged in combat,” said Libby. “He was able to pull him to a safe area where he could provide medical training and prep him for helicopter transport to a hospital.”

John Libby used to take his son on tours of the Navy Yard in Charlestown. They would also board the U.S.S. Constitution and visit other landmarks such as the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown.

“I grew up in Charlestown and I was able to visit the Navy Yard because my father [the late John Libby] was in the Navy for 27 years,” said Libby.

Daniel Libby remembers those childhood trips to the Navy Yard in Charlestown.

“My father used to take me to the Navy Yard and I always wanted to do something like that,” said Libby. “From that time on, I always thought about being part of the military.”

Libby is proud of the efforts of his battalion during some challenging situations in Afghanistan. He said the temperature rose to 120 degrees in September.

“I felt we accomplished our mission during our seven months in Afghanistan,” said Libby. “I joined the Navy to defend and serve our country. I love what I do.”

After graduating from Northeast Regional with a specialty in plumbing and working for one year in welding, Daniel Libby enlisted in 2010 in the United States Navy. He attended boot camp in Illinois and received field medical training at Naval Hospital Corps School, which is a Navy nursing program. He attended live-tissue medical school and then became a Navy corpsman serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. He has training as an EMT and paramedic.

Libby said he has volunteered to return to service with the Second Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps. He will leave for California at the end of June for training and report for duty in Afghanistan in September. He hopes to one day pursue a position with the U.S. Navy Seals.

He will spend a portion of his summer relaxing with friends and family.

“For the month that I’m home, I’m going to relax and spend time with my family,” said Libby. “I’ve missed out on a year of their lives. My family has been very supportive as well as my girlfriend, Lauren, who sent me letters and care packages.”

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