Kevin Murphy

We wish to once again affirm our belief that Kevin Murphy, the clerk of the Chelsea District Court, is being railroaded, possibly into retirement, by the court administration he works for.

He was transferred to Salem when it was revealed evidence had disappeared from the Chelsea District Court.

An investigation is apparently ensuing.

Mr. Murphy is said to be ready to return to Chelsea when that investigation is done – that is – unless his situation is made a cause celeb by the bureaucratic administrators of the court system, who are not beyond telling stories to the Boston Globe.

The evidence that is missing did indeed disappear on Mr. Murphy’s watch – but Mr. Murphy didn’t take the evidence, hide the evidence, aid and abet anyone who did those things and in general, the Chelsea Court he ran for so many years was the example of a compassionate court that other district courts would do well to emulate.

Arguably, better methods of keeping track of evidence should have been employed and are now being employed.

But to charge, and rather blatantly, that Kevin Murphy abused the courthouse, the clerks, the thousands of citizens passing through it, is an absurdity. It is also an insult to his good name.

Some evidence was lost, yes.

But Kevin Murphy didn’t steal it nor did he mismanage the courthouse.

Any assertion seeking to establish that is rubbish.

He should return to Chelsea District Court immediately.

At least that would end the investigation charade and Boston Globe articles trying to make that case that came straight from the court administrators.

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