The FBI is Coming to Chelsea

With final approval of the General Services Administration to contract with ACS Development of this city to build a 200,000 square foot facility in Chelsea, the FBI is coming to town.

The FBI’s Northeast Regional Headquarters is going to be located here and approximately 500 FBI agents and employees will be working the Chelsea facility.

Hundreds more will be visiting the facility everyday when it is open and parts of it will be in operation 24/7,

The FBI coming here says loudly and clearly that this city in its present incarnation has arrived. The FBI would not consider coming here if this were the Chelsea of old, where bookmakers and small time gangsters mixed nicely with corrupt mayors and police officers.

In fact, it is believed by those close to the negotiations that brought the FBI here, the FBI would never have gone to South Boston, which is where the mayor of Boston wanted the facility to go.


Because Southie has the taint of Whitey Bulger and Irish mobsters and would never have accepted a facility in that location.

Instead, the FBI chose Chelsea because of its proximity to the airport and to Boston.

Plus, Chelsea is now the example by which a municipality is measured rather than being the example of a municipality that does just about everything wrong.

This will be a different city with 500 FBI agents and employees reporting to work here everyday just off Everett Avenue.

It is inevitable that hundreds of FBI employees will explore the downtown and the city’s various restaurants as well as to become a strong core of shoppers at the mall’s various business places.

Just as Chelsea is no longer a corrupt and decadent municipality, the FBI coming here is far removed from the FBI of J.Edgar Hoover’s era.

We welcome the FBI coming here.

One has to believe that Chelsea becomes a safer place overnight with all these FBI employees roaming our streets and shopping or eating here.

The conclusion of this development project finally comes as very good news to this city.

Thank you ACS. Thank you GSA. Thank you FBI.

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