Murphy Tops Bishop in Primary Balloting

Political newcomer Paul Murphy topped the ticket in Tuesday’s primary balloting, besting incumbent Councillor Kathleen Bishop by a 132-93 vote.

Robert Borden was eliminated from the ballot in November. He received 30 votes.

There were four write-in votes and four blanks in Chelsea’s only primary contest.

Balloting went smoothly and strictly according to the letter of the law, said City Clerk Debbie Clayman.

“It is always nice when a primary election goes as smoothly as this one did,” she said.

Murphy, the son of Chelsea District Court Clerk Kevin Murphy, said he worked hard to get out his vote and that he is looking forward to the final in November.

“I was pleased and humbled by the outcome. Now its time to get back to work,” said Murphy.

Murphy’s grandfather, Andrew, served as an alderman in Chelsea during the 1940’s and 1950’s

For Bishop, the outcome was a wake-up call and it is believed she will be working hard into the final.

The current councillor is the daughter of well known Chelsea resident, a former alderman and city clerk, now the city’s procurement agent, Robert Bishop.

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