Eastern Minerals Dock Hosts Ship Delivering Huge Turbine Blades

In this Dan Adams photograph, the propeller from China weighing 16,000 pounds is shown being off-loaded at the Easter Minerals site on Marginal Street on Monday.

The ocean going transport Lady Claudia pulled into the dock at Eastern Minerals on the Chelsea waterfront earlier this week.

But there was no salt aboard.

Instead, the ship was loaded with huge wind turbine propellers made in China and transported by boat across the seas to Chelsea where they were being off-loaded for a short ride to an MWRA site on Rt. 99 in Everett.

“Each propeller weighs about 16,000 pounds,” said Ernie Baldwin of Baldwin Crane and Trucking, the firm responsible for transporting the 120-foot long propellers from Chelsea to Everett by truck.

“It is much easier to transport these than it is to ease them off the boat,” Baldwin told the Record.

Eastern Minerals principal Joe McNamee said his company was only too happy to provide the dockage for the MWRA.

The MWRA is apparently building a giant wind turbine on its Everett property with the materials that were delivered to Chelsea.

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