The Flagship

There she is, the giant retail success story of all retail success stories, the Demoulas flagship, the Marketbasket, the great engine powering the development of the mall and causing so many from this city and outside of this city to talk about what’s going on in Chelsea.

Since its opening almost 2 years ago, this supermarket above all others in the Greater Boston area, has set a new standard for the supermarket industry.

The Market Basket today remains the symbol of the ultra modern supermarket at its quintessence.

From fresh Sushi to fresh bread from the bakery to fresh vegetables and fine beef and fabulous pricing that frankly outdoes every other supermarket by a wide amount, this Market Basket remains a modern miracle of retailing.

Its guiding light is the Demoulas family and the legion of devoted employees that make this company tick everyday.

The Market Basket has become this city’s major shopping destination.

People from all over come to shop and to take advantage of the store’s unbelievable pricing system.

And no one coming here is disappointed.

About the only complaint ever heard – and it really isn’t a complaint – is that the store was so crowded!

How’s that for success.


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