Val’s Flowers

It comes as very sad news that Val’s Flowers is closing its doors at the end of February.

Val’s Flowers opened its doors in the downtown business district more than 60 years ago, when this city was a far different place than it is today.

Under the leadership of the late Val Kowalski, the business prospered.

He and his late wife Leona stood side by side in that shop for a lifetime.

Val was a prominent member of the Chelsea community and a bit of a leader and a politician, and he was a highly respected member of the city’s large and vibrant Polish community.

Val knew how to do it in business.

He was a friend to all in this city.

Everyone flocked to his business when they needed flowers. Jews, Italians, Polish, Irish and then the Hispanic community came to buy their flowers from him.

Val brought his children Frank and Barbara into the business and it is under their watch that the doors are closing.

The business is still vibrant but they simply didn’t want to be working anymore after a lifetime in it.

So like many other Chelsea legends in business, they will simply lock the door on the last day, look back one more time, and move on with their lives.

We wish them the best.

They are very honest, very fine people who treated everyone with kindness and sensitivity.

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