Stacee Monkiewicz

We know how the entire Monkiewicz family has been sent into a state of deep despair by the death of Stacee Monkiewicz. She died on December 22 of a catastrophic sudden illness at her home.

She was 41. She leaves four children and her husband, Matt.

We did not know Mrs. Monkiewicz but we know well her husband Matt, who is a gem of a fellow and who spends nearly everyday of his working life at the Kayem plant, which the Monkiewicz family owns.

Words cannot assuage in any way the suffering his family is experiencing due to the loss of Stacee, who, by all accounts, was a rare and loving person, the type of woman who tended to do for others more than she was willing to do for herself.

Her life was stretching before her like an endless dream on the 21st of December.

On the 22nd of December, she was gone.

Our deepest condolences to Matt, whom we know so well – and to everyone who was loved by and who loved Stacee Monkiewicz.

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