City Seeking Volunteers for Local Boards

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City officials are calling upon  residents to get more involved in the community.  Specifically, the City is seeking volunteers to join standing boards and commissions, as well as committees that are working on a variety of local initiatives.

“A key to the great success our community is enjoying is the participation of so many in helping their elected and appointed officials manage a complete transformation of City affairs,” said City Council President Leo Robinson.

“If we’re going to extend that success, we need even more people to stand up and commit to a better Chelsea.”

Openings currently exist or regularly become available on the City’s standing boards and commissions, including the:  Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Board of Assessing, Licensing Commission, Traffic Commission, Cable Television Advisory Committee, Council on Elder Affairs, Economic Development Board, Community Schools Board, Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, Historical Commission, Board of Library Trustees, Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Board of Health, Tree Board, Youth Commission, Zoning Board, Board of Registrars of Voters and the Cultural Council.  Additionally, a new board, the Commission on Diversity and Empowerment, will soon be established.

City Manager Jay Ash echoed Robinson’s call for volunteers.

“The City Council and City Administration have tried to open the doors of City Hall to those we’re here to serve.  We welcome the participation of more and more people and truly feel that the greatness of our community is rooted in greater participation on each and every endeavor we undertake,” Ash added, while noting that more than 100 people currently serve on City boards.

Volunteers with specific skills are also being sought.  In particular, those with computer networking, programming and web site development experience are in need for a variety of community projects.  Public relations specialists and those interested in community beautification and event planning are also encouraged to volunteer.

Those interested in serving should forward a letter of interest, which includes any relevant experience and/or a resume, by Friday, January 14th to: City Manager Jay Ash, 500 Broadway, Chelsea, MA  02150 or [email protected].

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