The recycling failure

It makes sense that a city afflicted with a chronic and undifferentiated trash issue cannot come to terms with recycling.

Chelsea is that place, big time.

The city’s recycling rate is 5%,  an astounding 75% below the state average.

In fact, if Chelsea’s recycling rate goes just a bit lower, it will entirely disappear.

Such a situation is fairly incomprehensible in this day and age in a thoroughly modern place like Chelsea.

But there are problems.

The problems with trash and litter far outdistance our notions that this city can be taught to recycle.

What we discover is that Chelsea needs to impose recycling on this city’s residents, businesspeople and property owners.

Because there is virtually no effort to recycle here right now makes this city a place prime for a effort that alters the course of recent history.

We can’t possibly go much lower on the percentile.

So the only way is up.

How to accomplish a complete turnaround?

What is required is an all-out public information campaign and the support of the business community as well as all property owners.

This recycling effort the city is facing is like a journey of 1000 miles.

An effort of this magnitude begins with the first step.

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