The heating oil scam

A gallon of heating oil in today’s marketplace is $3.00 or more for consumers who heat their homes and properties with oil.

Despite a near state of oversupply and little new demand beyond that which comes with exceedingly cold weather, oil should cost far less than it does today.

It costs so much more than it should because of Wall Street speculation.

Oil speculators drive the prices higher in today’s marketplace, not low supply which would tend to make oil more scarce and therefore boost up the price.

Again, supply and demand means almost nothing anymore.

And to make matters worse, there are no protests, no calls for reforming commodity speculation and not a bit of interest in what happens to working class and working poor apartment dwellers who need $600 to fill up their thirsty oil tanks during December, January and February.

There is only complacency driving our population these days.

How high would the price have to go before there would be an organized protest?

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