City manager’s contract to be extended

City Manager Jay Ash

The city council voted earlier this week to offer a contract extension to City Manager Jay Ash.

The council voted 10-1 to allow Ash another term.

Only Councillor Kathleen Bishop voted against the measure offering Ash the extension.

To that end, Ash and Council President Leo Robinson have begun a contract extension process.

Under the parameters, which are allowed by the city charter, Ash and the council are able to negotiate an extension to Ash’s contract that can run from one to five years.

Ash himself has remained coy about whether or not he will accept an extension.

However, it is believed that he wants to go another term.

Ash is presently paid $145,000 a year.

In Arlington, a similarly sized city to Chelsea, the city manager is paid $171,000 a year.

Contract discussions with Council President Robinson are now underway.

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