Is nothing sacred? Violence extends to courthouse

The brother of a Chelsea man who was stabbed to death over the Thanksgiving weekend beat two men inside the rest room at the Chelsea District Court during the arraignment of his brother’s murderer.

Rigoberto Ramirez was arrested November 29 for following two men into the restroom during a break in the arraignment.

According to police familiar with the incident, he asked the two men if they were friends of Dennis Bowen (his brother’s assailant). When they answered affirmatively, he beat them bloody in the rest room.

Ramirez then fled the courthouse and was found inside the Dunkin Donuts where he was placed under arrest by Chelsea Police.

He was charged with two counts of assault and battery and intimidation of a witness.

The Probation Department asked the court to hold Ramirez as he had just been released from prison the Friday after Thanksgiving and was on parole.

Chelsea District Court Judge Benjamin Barnes dismissed the District Attorney’s office request for a $5,000 bail for Ramirez.

The DA’s office outlined Ramirez’s detailed criminal record pointing out that he was in violation of his probation for two additional serious felony convictions, according to court officials.

They asked Judge Barnes to also consider safety inside the courthouse and detailed as well Ramirez’s ten page criminal record with multiple convictions for violent criminal behavior.

Judge Barnes released Ramirez on $100 bail.

He was back on the streets a few hours later.

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