Deadly weekend – Authorities and residents are reeling after a pair of homicides over Thanksgiving holiday

170 Bellingham street (above) and 759 Broadway (below) were the sites of two homicides over the holiday weekend.

Random violence resulted in two homicides over the long Thanksgiving Holiday weekend causing local officials and residents great consternation.

The first to die was Frederick Allen, 56, who lived at 170 Bellingham Street. He was found dead in his apartment with a belt tied around his neck and was apparently strangled, according to police sources and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner who ruled his death a homicide.

The second to die was 30-year-old Carlos Ramirez.

He was stabbed to death following an altercation in front of 759 Broadway.

It is believed by police investigators that an argument over drugs took place between Ramirez and his assailant, 21-year-old Dennis Bowen.

During the altercation, Bowen apparently pulled out a knife and stabbed Ramirez in the heart, according to police and the results of an autopsy that was later performed by the Chief Medical Examiner.

Police sources believe Allen’s death may have been related to domestic violence.

Police have not yet identified his assailant.

An investigation is underway.

Bowen gave himself up to police and surrendered November 26.

He was arraigned in Chelsea District Court before Judge Benjamin Barnes.

He was held without bail after pleading innocent to one count of murder.

Bowen’s police record is limited, according to police.

Ramirez, however, had a lengthy record and more than a half dozen outstanding court cases at the time of his death.

“His rap sheet is almost seven feet long,” said a source close to the investigation.

While many of the details surrounding the death by strangulation of Mr. Allen remain unknown, prosecutors were able to give clarity to what happened between Bowen and Ramirez.

Witnesses told police that they heard two men arguing and swearing at each other from inside a common hallway at 759 Broadway where Bowen lives.

The shouting and swearing intensified.

The two men, according to witnesses were next seen on the sidewalk fighting in front of 759 Broadway.

A third party, whom police have not identified, apparently intervened in an attempt to break up the fight.

Bowen, according to witnesses and later described by the prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office, was on top of Ramirez, who had fallen to the ground under his weight.

Bowen punched Ramirez several times.

Ramirez got up from the sidewalk and Bowen charged him with a knife, stabbing him twice in the chest, striking his heart and lung.

Bowen then fled on foot.

Bowen is represented by attorney John Cardiff.

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