Development in Chelsea

How this city can continues to swim against a downward tide when it comes to new development is an extraordinary story of perseverance, smarts and knowing how to get a project done.

City Manager Jay Ash has shown time and again, and continues to show today, great skill in the art of putting together a successful development.

Frankly, he does it better than anyone who came before him and it is quite likely that whomever follows him will be unable to perform as he has.

He has the remarkable ability to bring together developers and empty pieces of long abused urban tarmac and to then persuade banks to lend enormous sums of money to make the development happen.

The city is alive with new business activity and change.

The One Webster Street development shows how innovative the city is when it comes to taking a derelict building on a lost urban lot and redeveloping the entire area into a virtual new neighborhood.

With a new hotel on the way and additional new residential housing projects on line, Chelsea has a multi million dollar backlog of new building activity going on at a time when other communities can’t manage to get a new two family home built on an empty lot.

This says a lot about the city – and about City Manager Jay Ash.

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