Construction underway for new mini mall at Demoulas

Construction is underway at the former Demoulas site across from the new store.

When the plans for the $9.75 million development have been carried out and the project is complete, as many as ten new businesses, including several restaurants, will occupy the former supermarket building.

In the meantime, 100 construction jobs have been created to work at the site.

“I believe that 100 to 150 permanent and part-time positions will be created by the development,” said City Manager Jay Ash.

The project includes infrastructure improvements and the widening of the intersection at the corner of Spruce Street and Everett Avenue

Originally built in 1979 to house a K-Mart as part of the city’s coming to life after years of business and population loss, the building was housed mainly for the past two decades by Demoulas.

In recent months, following discussions with the city, Demoulas has moved ahead with the project which began with demolition work last week.

According to City Manager Ash, this is a small part of Demoulas grand plan to make the best use of its sprawling property.

Present work going on includes site excavation to rebuild the parking lot, new facades for the former supermarket building and interior demolition of the structure with a new build-out to accommodate ten stores.

Stores are expected to open at the site in the fall and several restaurants are set to follow.

Although Demoulas will not confirm it, it is believed that an 30,000 square foot AJ Wright Store will anchor the former supermarket building and that at least two restaurants will occupy two of the stores.

Again, although it cannot be confirmed, it is believed that major restaurant owner in Malden will be expanding his operation to this site in Chelsea.

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