Roland Palacios

The shooting death of Chelsea High School student Roland Palacios is a tragedy of the first order.

The 17 year-old Chelsea young man was shot on Suffolk Street last week in a homicide that Chelsea police detectives and state police investigators are trying to solve.

Although the Chelsea Police are declining to speak about the investigation, it is assumed that witnesses have been interviewed and others who might know something about the crime have yet to come forward for fear of their own well-being.

There is also the likelihood of forensic evidence.

The police are urging anyone with information about the shooting death of Roland Palacios to come forward.

All callers can remain anonymous, according to the police.

We urge those with information to do so. Call TIP411 from a cell phone. Call Chelsea Police Crimestoppers line 617-466-4880 or the State Police Detective Unit 671-727-8817.

The type of senseless street violence that took Roland Palacios’ life could happen anywhere. Regrettably, it happened here.

The city can tend to be a potentially dangerous and explosive place from time to time with life sometimes being reduced to the luck of the draw, as it did last week on Suffolk Street.

There is no cure for random violence.

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Roland Palacios.

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