When tragedy strikes

The Tuesday shooting of a 17 year-old Chelsea High School student on Marginal Street has caused widespread outrage and disbelief among many Chelsea residents.

The outrage is caused by the knowledge that danger lurks just around the corner in nearly every city and town in this nation for our residents of all ages – not just teenagers.

This Chelsea young man was shot in the head while standing with a group of his friends in the open clear light of day.

He is fighting for his life at the Massachusetts General Hospital while State and Chelsea police hunt down the shooter.

The disbelief is all about man’s inhumanity to man.

It is about the senseless, animal like homicidal nature of those who carry guns and who use them after planning a shooting or indiscriminately.

We do not right now know the circumstances of this tragic shooting.

We intuitively know this never should have happened, that perhaps it wouldn’t have occurred if guns were more difficult to purchase or to find in the illegal market place.

Human beings shooting other human beings to settle a score is barbaric.

It is extremely dangerous behavior – and none of us living the American experience are free from the possibility of being shot, stabbed or run over by those who have lost their humanity.

There are many, many angry, poverty stricken, dispossessed Americans willing to shoot or to rob their neighbors or to do worse.

Many people living today in Chelsea are like that, we are sorry to say.

Since its founding, America has always been a dangerous, violent place.

That being said, we express our outrage at the shooting of a 17 year-old Chelsea High School student.

We pray for his recovery – and for the police to bring to justice the sick animal who shot the young man in the head.

And over what, we wonder?

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