The harsh side of a real life loss

It is one thing to look at Chelsea’s heavyweight fighter John Ruiz from the distance following his loss to British champion and now heavyweight champion of the world, it is another to consider John just like one of us and to appreciate the severity of what just happened to him in Manchester, England.

He was pounded to the canvas, literally and physically by Haye.

He was pummeled, his nose broken, his ribs bruised, his pride buried by the loss in the ninth round when the fight was stopped.

How does John come back from this?

We’re not sure except to say he is a tough guy.

Tough guy that he is, he is nursing himself back to recovery in Las Vegas where he now lives.

He is recalling what just happened in Manchester and he is wondering to himself – will I ever fight again?

The fight was a good payday for him and lord knows he needs money like all of us but he has to wonder – what does the future hold.

More importantly, he feels every measure of the loss that he has suffered.

He is a great athlete whose time to think about retiring has arrived.

Everyone who loves him and those of us who have known him from childhood understand how difficult it is for him to deal with being so thoroughly beaten, when only a few years back, he was the one giving the beatings.

He has been the heavyweight champion. He has been brought to the end of a career.

Such is the real time life of John Ruiz – whom we respect.

He acquitted himself with strength and honor in Manchester Saturday night.

But now he ought to consider peace and quiet – and the rest of his life outside of the ring.

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