Welcome back Calvin Brown; and welcome to Mike Moronski and Anthony Pellegrino

We want to welcome to the political life at city hall one “old-timer” and two newcomers to the Chelsea city hall political scene.

Calvin Brown knows the city hall scene and for a long time he was a part of it.

His return to politics is like back to yesterday.

Brown is a good guy who knows what he’s doing – and he loves the city and will tend to watch over it as we knew him to do in the past.

Mike Moronski and his brothers and family are lifelong Chelsea people who know this city like the back of their hands.

Moronoski’s sudden interest in politics is certain to have an effect as he’s got his own mind about the issues and tends to be a bit of an independent thinker.

Attorney Anthony Pellegrino is a relative newcomer to the city who has grown to love the place overnight.

His participation in local government is emblematic of Pellegrino’s belief that one must give back something to their community.

We welcome all three to Chelsea city government.

We trust and hope they will do the right thing to help this community to prosper and to grow.

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